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I understand that when curating an event, it’s not solely about the content being presented. You’re seeking someone who can add that extra touch – a unique energy and perhaps a hint of magic. Whilst that special ‘something’ can be tricky to articulate, you’ll unmistakably recognise it when you see it.

To assist you in your decision-making process, I have included a collection of videos below that showcase my varied work. These handpicked selections provide you with a comprehensive understanding of what I can bring to your event.

If you’re contemplating hiring me as a keynote speaker or panel moderator, I invite you to explore my work and judge for yourself.


Moderating, Interviewing & Hosting

Login 2018 Opening

Water Cycle - Reducing the Human Footprint - Fireside with Heidi Sevestre

ChangeNow Summit - Opening Ceremony - Fireside with Boyan Slat

ChangeNow 2023 - Ocean Making the Invisible Visible - Fireside Chat with Titouan Bernicot

An Audience With Ron Johnson - World Retail Congree

Protecting our Soils, an Imperative - for the Living Panel, World Living Soils Form

Patagonia - Lessons Learned and Best Practices - Fireside with Beth Thoren

Women Action and Impact - Panel with Elmy Bermejo, Stéphanie Rivoal & Dr Reina Camacho Toro

Regenerating Soils - Virtuous Agricultural Practices - World Living Soils Form


Paul Polman

Ex-CEO of Unilever

Elizabeth Gabster

ChangeNow Stage Manager

Mara Steinbrenner

Impact Festival

Gianfranco Zola

Ex-Professional Footballer

Santiago Lefebvre

Co-Founder of ChangeNow Summit

Ron Johnson

CEO of Enjoy

Fawn Hudgens

Strategist for World Retail Forum

Sophia Kianni

Founder Climate Cardinals

Cathy Sparks

VP Nike Direct

Chris Igwe

CEO Boutique Retail Advisory Firm

Dominique Palmer

Climate Justice Activist

Andy King

Fyre Festival Documentary

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