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Your Voice Matters & Getting Paid Does, Too

While you’re justifying your free talks as "brand awareness", other speakers are getting paid for their subpar presentations.

You know that speaking isn’t just about showing up for the gig. You’re a confident, competent, talented, and expert female speaker after all. That’s why you pour hours into creating a powerful keynote presentation.

So, if you’re stuck with getting little or no compensation for your efforts and talent, I want you to know that those days are over!

You deserve to consistently get paid for speaking, too.

Speaking Toolkits

Are you ready to get your business moving?

These resource bundles show you how to make the quick, necessary shifts required to get booked and paid as a speaker.

Think of them as the fundamental checklists and cheatsheets you need to take your speaking from hobbyist to paid status. No more arguing your fee… it’s time to get set up to be paid consistently like the professional you are.

Get Booked Speaker Toolkit

Designed for speakers who want to learn how to get people to find them.

With this toolkit, you’ll be able to:

  • Create the right profile so you can enter the speaking network
  • Access all the speaker assets you need to get booked
  • Evergreen your speaking career through referrals

See what’s included in the Get Booked Speaker Toolkit.



Get Paid to Speak Toolkit

Created for speakers who get booked but are struggling to get paid.

With this toolkit, you’ll be able to:

  • Get paid to speak
  • Negotiate your speaking gigs
  • Draft a contract
  • Evaluate your framework based on your engagements
  • Price your bookings

Explore the Get Paid to Speak Toolkit.


Lovelda’s energy is infectious. From the moment I heard her speak and got her advice at The Speaker Awards I thought “she’s so fantastic and there’s a reason she’s considered a World Class Speaker”. I bought her Speaker Toolkit then had an incredible 1:1 with her. She gave me my “ah ha” moment of the barriers to my speaking career and some really practical advice I can’t wait to put in to practice. Lovelda inspires you to be ? you and to truly know your worth. Thanks Lovelda ❤️

Vanessa Sturman // Award-Winning Speaker featured on Sky News & BBC

If you want a speaking business Lovelda is all about the BUSINESS of speaking. From myth busting to structural clarity giving you a practical route to streamline your effort and focus your energy in the right direction, Lovelda's no BS guidance has put me on the path of making speaking an income stream instead of a side hustle that I hoped someday would manifest into an integral part of my business. Someday is TODAY with Lovelda!

Stacey Keogh // Story & Speaking Coach

Lovelda really opened my eyes to so much in such a short amount of time about how I can improve my speakers' profile. I am so grateful and looking forward to continuing working with Lovelda.

Jamila Daley // Jeffers Fundraising Coach & Trainer | Conference and Event Speaker


Do you know how to get, secure, and amplify your speaking gigs?

If you can’t get the speaking gigs you want, it’s because people aren't finding or connecting with you. It means your profile, positioning, messaging, and marketing aren't resonating. Your offer may look more like a hobby than a legitimate, bookable business.

If you can’t secure the paid gigs you want, it’s because you don’t have a well-organized professional speaking business setup. You need to establish a system for negotiating, pricing, and contracts so you’re always prepared to handle questions.

If you can’t amplify the gigs you do get, it’s because you lack a repeatable system for engagement. You need to know how to turn your speaking events into marketing and networking opportunities that make it easier to get the next gig and grow your business and credibility.

So, what are your options?

Speaker Profile Review

Investment: £350

Optimize your LinkedIn profile for booking paid speaking gigs.

If you're not sure what your social media profile is really saying about you or if you've positioned yourself to be booked with ease, you need a professional audit of your digital footprint.

Get my most requested, hour-long strategy session that lets you know what's working for you and what needs to be refined so you can position yourself to get leads with ease.

By the end of your call, you’ll have a solid strategy for what to do next.

“I had an awesome 1-2-1 session with Lovelda. From the start to the end of the session Lovelda oozed enthusiasm and energy with her client centric focus. She provided endless gems and a systematic helpful profile review to help me towards my goal. The session included a constructive profile appraisal and she left me with several key calls to action. An enjoyable advisory support session to help my speaking objectives. In conclusion, a complete transformational session.” David frederick - Published Author & Specialist Probate Accountant

David Frederick // Published Author & Specialist Probate Accountant

“I recently had the pleasure of a 1:1 LinkedIn profile call with Lovelda. The conversation felt comfortable and enjoyable from the beginning due to Lovelda's warm and enthusiastic demeanour. She initiated an open and sincere dialogue, taking the time to understand my current position and aspirations.

 Lovelda expertly guided me towards my objectives. Her coaching was insightful and practical, not just focused on superficial profile improvements. She delivered refreshing, heartfelt and candid feedback from the point of view of speaking bookers and agents, offering actionable insights.

It is clear her approach is driven by a genuine desire to connect and serve, making the entire experience truly worthwhile. I highly recommend Lovelda for the expertise she brings and her meaningful guidance.”

 Jesse Wilson // Writer

“Lovelda is a fabulous speaker with a fantastic knowledge of LinkedIn and how to make it work better for you. Her one-to-one coaching relates specifically to what you are trying to achieve with your LinkedIn profile and explains how the people you want to be in front of actually use the platform. Very enlightening. Thanks Lovelda.”

Lyn Roseman // Speaker, Author & Communication Coach

Speak. Impact. Earn.

Imagine a stage where your voice not only matters, but you’re paid for it, too.

  • Through working together, you’ll:
  • Learn who’s paying for your expertise and where and how to find them.
  • Learn about the business side of speaking; this includes pricing strategy, negotiations, positioning, and marketing.
  • Know how to turn your speaking business into an evergreen, in-bound, referral led career. No cold, spammy outreach techniques taught here!.
  • Consistently attract high-paying speaking engagements that align with your worth, message, and values.

Group Coaching

Investment: £5000 for 6 months

Become a paid speaker by learning and applying content and resources from our growing curriculum.

Group coaching includes:

  • Access to the speaker library to support you in getting paid
  • Ability to self-study and work at your own pace
  • Monthly group coaching Q&A calls
  • A Facebook group where you can build and work with a community of speakers who want to get paid

Want to see if you qualify?


1:1 Agent In Your Pocket

Investment: £4,500-7,500, 3-month minimum required

1:1 coaching is designed for speakers who are already being compensated but are ready to make more money and have a bigger impact.

1:1 coaching is best for speakers who:

  • Make £5k+ per gig
  • Already have a proven process
  • Want to get more consistent speaking opportunities with ease
  • Evaluate your framework based on your engagements
  • Want to build their profile so they can hustle less and have people come to them instead

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