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Panel Moderator. Diversity Keynote Speaker. Coaching for Speakers.

Moderating relatable conversations, creating inclusive dialogue through speaking and coaching female speakers to position themselves more visibly.

Lovelda Vincenzi | Keynote Speaker

I’m Lovelda Vincenzi - Diversity Keynote Speaker, Panel Moderator, and Coach.

Let’s change the world.

As a young girl, I knew I would have to work harder, shout louder, and do so much more to be visible. 

When I began working as a diversity keynote speaker and panel moderator, I can’t say I was surprised by the lack of voice diversity in the industry; but I was disappointed.

Today, I create opportunities for conversations that are inclusive and relatable for all.

Bringing together multiple perspectives so we can have

 better conversations and a bigger impact

Lovelda Vincenzi | Diversity Keynote Speaker

Supporting Your Unique Voice

I’m passionate about diversity because it’s something I’ve had to care about my whole life.

I was born in the Caribbean, grew up as an international expat, traveled the world, and now live in the UK.

I see, think, and experience the world differently because I’m not boxed into one cultural expression. In fact, my global accent allows me to seamlessly integrate into different spaces.

How does this benefit you?

As a panel moderator, I specialise in climate impact events where the speakers are as diverse as the audience.

I facilitate effective, transformative, and relatable dialogues between speakers and the audience

As a diversity keynote speaker, I create conversations that invite participants to think differently about inclusion and belonging.

Together, we create important spaces that allow people to connect with each other by honouring their diverse voices.

As a coach for speakers, I’m well aware that we lack diversity on our stages. This makes it difficult for organisers to find diverse talent.

With the industry seeking a variety of voices, I assist female speakers with finding, booking, and getting paid to speak.

“I first met Lovelda at the BMW Foundation Re: Leadership conference in Berlin. She was the MC and panel moderator for two days while I was a guest. I occasionally do event hosting and MCing too, and I'm very often by events and conferences so not only do I see a lot of hosts and MCs, I also know what makes for a good one...And Lovelda is the archetype of a great MC, host and Moderator: Full of energy, aware of the energy in the room and how to change it, insightful with questions, entertaining and with a sense of humour, Lovelda is one of the best event hosts I've seen anywhere. We spoke during the event about the art of hosting events, and her openness and generosity to discuss the theme further assured me that she's a leader in this field. I definitely recommend her as a host or MC for your next event.”

Andrew Green // Executive Director

“It's not the first time I see Lovelda on a stage. The first time was during her TEDx event in Manchester and now it's been during the Speaker Awards, apart from seeing her online in virtual events. On this last one, I was covering videography and had the chance to enjoy her in action once more.

Lovelda is a professional speaker with years of experience that you can notice as soon as she enters the stage. She knows how to capture an audience's attention, and she delivers her message with confidence and expertise, with a very particular energy and pace that I'd describe as having 'class' on a stage as a public speaker and presenter. She has a natural charisma that makes her presentations genuinely memorable!

If you're looking for someone who can motivate, inspire and raise the audience's energy for your events, Lovelda is the perfect choice.”

Germán Ucar // Video Maker & Digital Marketing Strategist

“I can highly recommend Lovelda and her "Nailing Your Niche" program. I have followed Lovelda for years and I did her program with the goal of discovering my ideal audience and refining my speaking topics. I can confidently attest to Lovelda's exceptional skills as a mentor and guide.

Lovelda went above and beyond to help me not only identify my niche but also align it with my values and passions. Her unique values exercise was a game-changer, ensuring that the path I was charting truly resonated with my desires and what truly lights me up.

What sets Lovelda apart is her ability to recognise and highlight valuable experiences that one might overlook. She made me realise that my previous endeavours, such as podcasting and moderating, were indeed speaking experiences that could be leveraged to shape my niche.

Lovelda's warm, engaging, and fun approach to teaching creates an environment where you feel comfortable exploring and expressing your aspirations. Her extensive knowledge in the field of public speaking and niche discovery is evident in every session, and her insights are both practical and transformational.

Now I not only had a clear sense of my niche and ideal audience but also a comprehensive list of contacts to approach immediately. Lovelda's guidance has made me more focused on my journey as a speaker, and I've come to realise that I possess more experience and potential than I had initially thought.

In summary, I highly recommend Lovelda to anyone seeking to discover their speaking niche and elevate their public speaking journey. Lovelda's expertise, warm personality, and innovative approach will undoubtedly leave a lasting impact on your personal and professional development.”

Sam Adams // Coach & Mentor

Keynote Speaker UK

Every Voice Has a Seat at the Table!

So many voices go underpresented on stage due to a lack of opportunity to find or include them. For me, diverse voices are the rule, not the exception.

My Values

  • Authenticity - No one should feel like they have to be anyone but themselves on stage. I support you exactly as you are.
  • Representation & Visibility - I wouldn’t do anything around diversity without advocacy and allyship for women.
  • Professionalism - I don’t believe in cutting corners or taking half-measures. Going on stage is a representation of me and my brand, with a key awareness of how it reflects my depth of expertise.
  • Relatability & Connection - I don’t believe in complicating speaking, moderating, or coaching. My goal is to help people connect so they can achieve their goals of living in a world where they are effortlessly included.
UK Keynote Speaker for Hire

Now that we've gotten to know each other –

You should know that I can’t live without a few things…

  • A bathtub—no bubbles, just bath salt. My record so far is 12 hours!.
  • Red wine is my happy place.
  • I love a good spa.
  • Cruising is my favourite way to travel. I’ll go anywhere!
  • Quality food in new places is everything.
  • Music and dance energises my soul.
  • If I’m sipping on a cocktail, it’s probably an espresso martini.

Let’s Connect

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