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Change Begins with One Conversation

You know that organising an event can be stressful. It can be overwhelming with so many speakers to cater to and a diverse audience to keep in mind.

Integrating the audience seamlessly while bridging the mixed perspectives of every panelist is the key to a successful event. Creating a well-organised, stress-free, and informative event is a skill for an expert Moderator and Speaker.

With over six years of experience in a variety of fields, I make sure your event is a success from start to finish. Meeting your goals and objectives is my number one priority. I work with the event organisers and meet with the panelists to ensure everyone feels at ease, heard, seen, and understood.

Lovelda Vincenzi | Event Moderator

Panel Moderator 

Your goal is to take complex ideas and present them in a simple yet engaging way to a diverse audience.

As a trusted facilitator in conversations with political figureheads, business leaders, celebrities, change-makers, and activists, managing complicated conversations with panelists as distinct as the audience is my superpower.

I excel at creating thought-provoking, engaging, and entertaining discussions that seamlessly bring together diverse perspectives and backgrounds on complex topics (the more intricate, the better).

As the event moderator for the ChangeNow Summit since its inception, I’ve become the go-to event moderator for sustainability, climate change, and positive impact events.

Whether your event is in person, online, or a hybrid experience, expect that I'll bring my warm personality and intelligent line of questioning.

Lovelda Vincenzi | Diversity Keynote Speaker & Event Moderator

Diversity Keynote Speaker 

More goes into creating an inclusive environment than simply filling quotas. It's about including real people who are suffering from marginalisation.

When it comes to the beauty industry, representation is essential. Whether we like it or not, beauty standards are set by the examples we see in the media. Therefore, careful consideration is required to bridge those challenging conversations.

As your diversity keynote speaker, we’ll dig deep to explore assumptions, confront biases, and create workable solutions to truly make this industry inclusive.

Let’s make diversity the norm instead of the exception.

“When we think of an ideal moderator, we think of a charismatic personality, with impeccable oral skills, demonstrates competence in many areas, capable of listening and understanding, even with panelists who aren’t always clear about what they’re saying, and is always smiling and in a good mood. Lovelda Vincenzi is the very model of the ideal moderator. Always professional and passionate, whatever the subject and its complexity.”

Paul Luu – Executive Secretary – 4p1000 Initiative

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Society Made Me Do It

From the beginning, we are shaped by implicit and explicit familial, cultural, and societal expectations. It drives us to show up inauthentically, which leads us to perpetuate a sense of self we don’t feel in control of.

When we dismiss or deny these harmful norms, it makes creating an open and honest society difficult. Acknowledging how we are divided helps us create a truly inclusive society.

Listen about how radical self-acceptance freed me from society in this enlightening TEDx talk.

Lovelda Vincenzi | Keynote Speaker & Event Moderator

Meet The Conversation Curator

Diversity, inclusion, and equity aren't just buzzwords.

My international background and experience in TV, media, stage, studio, in-person, and hybrid events give me a unique point of view. I understand the positive impact diversity brings when it's implemented correctly.

I've worked in different fields and with well-known thought leaders. I'm able to bring together distinct points of view in a professional yet empathetic way.

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What People Say

“It has been a pleasure to collaborate with Lovelda in the framework of the Ocean Innovators Platform. She brilliantly moderated two panel discussions with top level innovators and investors of the sustainable blue economy, and curated an inspiring conversation with F1 world champion and sustainability entrepreneur Nico Rosberg.

Lovelda put a lot of work in preparing these sessions individually with each speaker, which enabled her to lead fruitful and spontaneous exchanges during the panel discussions. Her positive energy on stage was also key in catching the attention of the audience.”

Romain Ciarlet

Executive Director at Prince Albert Monaco II Foundation

I could not recommend Lovelda enough. Lovelda was a host at our recent event, The Future of Greentech: LIVE, and she was an event organiser's dream. Lovelda was organised, helpful and professional in the lead-up to the event as well as on the day itself, and brought her own previous experience and learnings to advise on planning. She made the audience and guest speakers feel relaxed, managing multiple introductions, questions from the audience, and a panel discussion. If you are looking for a charismatic, confident, and engaging presenter, then look no further.

Georgina McGivern
Programme Manager, Camden Clean Air Initiative

Lovelda did a fabulous job as MC at the World Retail Congress in Rome in April 2022, where I was a keynote speaker. She was lively, entertaining, informed, and confident. Her presence on stage made the event that much better.

Ira Kalish
Chief Global Economist, Deloitte

I had the great pleasure to work together with Lovelda within the context of the Impact Festival in Frankfurt, Germany in 2023. Lovelda was hosting a panel and she convinced me with her diligent preparation and her absolutely competent way of interview style and moderation of such panel. I recommend to work with her if you are looking for a high quality but at the same time enjoyable moderation. 


Sustainable Strategy, Commerzbank AG

Lovelda was great to work with! Thorough in her pre-show prep, she was also able to cut through the noise and bring out the best for the sessions in speaker prep calls. She exuded fantastic positivity and high energy - both on and off stage.

Fawn Hudgens 
Content and Strategy Consultant

I had the immense pleasure of getting to listen to Lovelda for two days at the ChangeNOW conference. She was the most engaging, informed, and eloquent moderator at the conference. Climate change is a difficult topic that is hard to approach sometimes, ye she made sure the (live & digital) audience engaged with the speakers and made these tough discussions a lot more palpable. She is definitely world-class and I cannot wait to see and hear more of her in the future!

Diana J Garcia
Head of Growth & B Corp Certification , Quest Impact Design Studio

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Effortlessly bringing together diverse perspectives

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